10 Weirdest Foods From Around The World

For a person to survive and sustain his day to day activities he has to have the energy to do so.

But not every food is for sustenance, some take it’s as a delicacy, but some are utterly disgusted, here are some of the weirdest foods of the world

Fugu- Japan


Most of us will never consider a possibility of death during their daily meal, but for those eating Fugu, it’s something that must be in mind. Fugu is a Japanese cuisine, which made out of a pufferfish that contains enough poison to kill 30 people. The chefs who prepare this expensive Japanese delicacy must undergo years and years of training. Served in a stew, grilled or as paper-thin sashimi, any small mistake in preparation of the dish could mean an ultimate end to the consumer. Those wishing to try this deadly delicacy should visit Japan during the start of Autum till the end of summer, when fugu is in season.

Fried Spiders- Cambodia

Available throughout Cambodia, but a specialty in the town of Skuon, these creepy crawlies are deep fried in garlic oil until crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Typically of the tarantula species, the practice of eating these spiders may have started during the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge, when villagers had to find alternative sources of food. The Spiders are often sold to travellers passing through town and looking for a quick snack. Besides being full of protein, rumour has it that they even increase the beauty of the consumer.

Balut- Philippines


Eggs are a common food throughout the world but in the Philippines, they take it one step further. They take a developing duck embryo and then boiling it alive while still in the shell. Typically it’s eaten with a little seasoning of chilli, garlic and vinegar, all the contents of the egg are consumed including the developing wings and beak. It’s a portion of common street food and it blends well with a cold beer.

Pairie Oyster- Canada

thescrolllab.com-Food/Pairie Oysters
Courtesy@Cooking Channel

At first, when you here the name you might think oysters aren’t weird at all, but it isn’t.

The delightful dish is made from bull testicles and also goes by the name Rocky Mountain Oysters. The dish can be found throughout cattle ranching country, curious eaters wanting to try it are advised to head to Alberta. It is served during the summer months. Prepared as sautéed, fried or stuffed, the testicles are served with herbs, spices, sauces and dips for a real taste of the cowboys.

Sannakji- South Korea


A South Korean delicacy, where a live octopus is eaten either whole or in pieces depending on the size of the specimen. It is served raw and usually only with a pinch of sesame oil, it’s so fresh that the tentacles are still squirming. The tentacles which are equipped with suckers that can attach themselves inside the throat of the consumer causing choking or even death. This makes eating this mollusk a scary proposition. Although, the octopus is mildly flavoured, the live animal wrapping itself around the diners face as they try to swallow it down is an intense experience to remember.

Haggis- Scotland


Considered as Scotland’s national dish, it’s a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, onion, oatmeal, spices, and stock. Traditionally stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and simmered, this hearty dish dates back to the 13th century and today is served as the main course of a Burns supper on Robert Burns Day. Typically it’s presented with tatties and neeps which is mashed potatoes and turnips.  It is often served with a dram of Scotch whisky to get it all down.  At present, Haggis is conveniently available ready-made, from the grocery store and is a great source of iron and fibre.

Escamoles- Mexico

Courtesy@Travel + Leisure México

It may look like a grain salad, but this dish is actually made up of ant larvae. Often called insect caviar, the escamoles are considered a delicacy in Mexican cuisine and it dates back to the Aztecs.  The larvae are harvested from the root systems of the maguey and agave plants, and these eggs can be found in tacos, omelettes or just on their own. Surprisingly, they are very pleasant to eat when they are crisped up with butter or deep-fried and they have a slightly nutty taste.

Hakarl- Iceland


Rotten shark may sound disgusting, but if the meat is of a Greenland shark, if you eat it when it’s fresh, it would be poisonous. The process is to allow the shark to ferment and decay the fish until it becomes edible and only if the eater can get past the ammonia smell and putrid fishy taste. Most first-timers dine with involuntary witticism. And it recommends that we have to hurry the fish with a shot of local spirit. Natives are able to eat their Hakarl year round, and they stock the rotten fish, vacuum packed and readily available in regular supermarkets.

Century egg/ 1000 year old egg- China

thescrolllab.com-Food/Century Egg

It’s neither a century old egg nor a millennium, but this egg is pretty rotten. The process of making these are preserved in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime for a couple of months, eventually the yolk turns a dark green or even black and slimy while the white has turns to a dark brown translucent jelly. Apparently it smells of strongly of sulphur and ammonia, but tastes like a hardboiled egg, until it goes down your food pipe.

Casu Marzu- Italy

thescrolllab.com-Food/Casu Marzu

It’s a type of cheese which is creamy and soft, made from sheep’s milk sounds appealing at first glance. But, the fact that it contains thousands of live maggots is sure to put you all off. This Sardinian cheese is made by allowing flies to lay eggs on the surface of the Pecorino cheese. That has the top cut off to allow easy access. When the eggs hatch, the larvae eat through the cheese breaking down the fats and softening the habitually hard middle. Strong and rich, the aftertaste of this overpowering cheese lasts for hours.

So all you Adventurous foodies out there, which delicacies are on your bucket-list. Reply down in the comments.

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