10 Times Brands Showed Their Sass on Twitter

Trash talking and banter is not only restricted to the sports arena. We need to thank the Internet Gods for giving us Twitter for the very simple reason that it is absolutely gold. Companies don’t shy away from dissing their competitors or random people who call them out on the social media platform. What follows, are some of the best and funniest tweets from sassy companies delivering sick burns.


  • Netflix vs Hulu

You can’t get away by being sassy with Netflix. Way to use Hulu’s content against them.


  • Discovery Channel vs Pittsburgh Penguins

I don’t think whoever handles Discovery’s twitter handle is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. This comeback was absolutely savage since the Penguins had been eliminated from the Stanley Cup just a week before this.


  • iHOP vs Denny’s

I don’t know about the tweets, but there was only one winner in this whole conversation: Pancakes


  • Taco Bell vs Old Spice

Taco Bell is one of the funniest accounts on Twitter and to be completely honest, you should keep an out for their sassy responses.


  • Moonpie Vs Hostess

All Moonpie required was two words to throw shade at Hostess.


  • Arby’s vs Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame had been calling out Arby’s on national television for many years with jokes questioning their food’s edibility. “It’s like a shock and awe for your bowels,” the comedian once said. When he finally retired, Arby’s grabbed the opportunity they had waited for and produced these brilliant tweets.


  • Reebok vs A ‘Certain’ President

Reebok showed a sense of class and wit with this brilliant ad which threw shade at you-know-who.


  • Royal Mail vs Random Fan

Royal Mail got their A game to twitter when they responded to this fan’s query with a brilliant mom joke.


  • Tesco vs Hater

Tesco has no time for its haters. Tesco threw the shade right back to this person complaining about the company.


  • Oreo vs AMC Theatres

Oreo’s social media presence has impressed us before, however when Oreo posted this tweet in September 2012 it was AMC Theatres that put “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” in its place.


By Abhishek Aggarwal

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